Squirrel 2, Grad Student 0

Well, this morning I walked into my kitchen to find my fat furry antagonist calmly seated on the counter, right in front of the sound repellent thingie, munching on my last cinnamon donut. To add insult to injury, the damnable creature peed all over my placemats. And he didn’t run when I walked in, he just sort of waddled back to the window and out a new screen hole. Good grief. There’s nothing like having to breathe in Lysol fumes while disinfecting one’s kitchen before 8 a.m. Why me?

I am now in consultation with my landlord for getting the little bastard trapped and removed. I’m thinking Harvard Yard as a removal point. He could grow even fatter on student leavings and on crackers thrown by bemused Japanese tourists.


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