Somebody Upstairs is Unhappy with The Passion

When I first read this CNN report, I couldn’t stop laughing.

It seems that Jim Caviezel, the actor playing Jesus in Mel Gibson’s movie about the death (passion) of Christ, was struck by lightning during filming a few days ago. An assistant director, Jan Michelini, was also struck–for the second time in a few months.

Maybe the Deity is none too pleased with the alledged anti-semitism of Gibson’s film. I’ve talked to several people who say that Gibson isn’t actually anti-semitic; he’s just portraying what happened based on the Gospels. But after I read that New Yorker article from a few weeks ago (sorry, no link available) in which Gibson implied his own wife would be going to hell for not being the right type of Catholic, I think I’m justified in thinking the worst of Gibson.


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