Blogging at the AHA

Apparently, this blog came up at a meeting of H-Net editors at the AHA as an example of a not-anonymous graduate student blog. So, I guess that means that more people drop by than I know about and I should probably make some effort to post more than once a month.

(The AHA was an interesting event about which I’ll have more to say, after I’ve finished grading and finished moving…that is to say, sometime in February after this blog’s readership has lost interest in the subject.)

At any rate, I thought I should make commenting more effective on this site. After much struggling, I found that the easy way to do this was to update the template. So, here we are. You may now comment, easily, on my (a)musings. (Just for the record, you could comment before too, but the method was ridiculously arcane and only my father showed any interest in jumping through the hoops required.)


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  1. I was actually quite pleased. 🙂 I was sorry to miss ADM’s gathering as well, but that evening a number of my cronies were recovering from interviews and I felt the need to bring them to beer.

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