It’s a Dog’s Blog

Muffin and Panda sitting pretty for the camera–Muffin, as usual, with her attention elsewhere (a rabbit? a squirrel?) and Panda, as usual, with her attention on her people (who have leashes for walks and tennis balls for throwing!).

The one problem with my apartment (aside from its Soviet-style lack of charm) is that Harvard forbids pets in its affiliated housing. I could probably get away with some fish, but no border collies are allowed here!


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  1. they are so cute! where do they live if they can’t live with you? How can you bear to be away from them – they’re gorgeous. I used to have a collie/black lab mix – was adorable. Collies are SO intelligent – my dog knew EVERYTHING!

  2. Oh, they live with my parents, where they are spoiled rotten. 🙂 Panda has an amazing vocabulary and occasionally she speaks to us as well (or at least we think she does!). Muffin is less intense but does enjoy herding the cat. The cat takes it all in stride.

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