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Um, this blog actually! On Monday September 5, I will be hosting the next Early Modern edition of Carnivalesque.

So please send on your nominations of quality blog posts (preferably posted since about the beginning of July) on any topic to do with the period between (approximately) 1500-1800 AD, to me by midnight 4 September, at: rgoetz{AT}fas{DOT}harvard{DOT}edu.

I take the “approximately” part of that very seriously–if you’ve written a piece or seen a good blog post that’s a little before 1500 or a little after 1800, send it along! The more the merrier, and I’m mighty interested to see what y’all send me. Please make sure you put ‘Carnivalesque’ in the title of your email so it will go through my junk mail filters.

If you haven’t written anything lately, you’ve got plenty of time! So, early modernists and early modernist-wannabes, get writing and send me your nominations! I’m a great fan of carnivals; I think they’re a great way to showcase the best posts history bloggers have to offer. So let’s make the next Early Modern Carnivalesque one for the history books! (heh heh)

Incidentally, History Carnival #14 is up at Philobiblon. It’s a fabulous collection of great history stuff–I’m working my way through it slowly and enjoying every bit of it. (Here’s my rule: if I write a page of Chapter Three, I can allow myself one entry from the Carnival. I like the carrot and stick approach to getting writing done.)


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  1. That ‘approximately’ part is particularly relevant when thinking about non-european/american parts of the world – it’s quite reasonable to argue, for example, that ‘early modern’ in Japan runs into the mid 19th century (1868 being the political cut-off), I think. But it always seems a bit complicated to start spelling all this out on the carnival homepage.

  2. I’d be delighted if you could explain periodization, ADM. Of course, I know a medievalist here who insists that I am a medievalist. Sounds funny, I know, but he claims the French Revolution constitutes the collapse of the medieval world…:)

  3. Well, you know that at Oxford ‘Modern History’ starts somewhere around the end of the Roman Empire… I think ADM should definitely write that post. Then I can just plagiarize it in future for student lectures. ;)How many pages/Carnival entries have you done so far?

  4. Yay! I think you’re locked in now, ADM. Everyone now wants to read a periodization essay they can crib from come lecture time!!!In terms of carrots, well, I have written only three pages in as many days…but my stick approach didn’t work, since I’ve now read my way through the whole Carnival. Sigh.

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