History Carnival!

History Carnival #17 is up at The Apocalyptic Historian. Go and enjoy the fruits of the labor of history bloggers. I particularly liked entries on the history of mental illness, the Anabaptist takeover of Muenster in 1534 (which briefly made a cameo appearance in the Accumulated Mass of Writing Otherwise Known as Chapter Three before I cut it!), and entries about Greg James Robinson’s discovery of a crucial memo pertaining to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. My usual method of Carnival-reading is to ration entries as rewards for pages written…

Also, in other news: CNN reports that Harvard’s endowment has reached $25 billion. Yet graduate students remain squeezed–there isn’t enough teaching or research funding to go around. Why?


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  1. I’m not happy to hear you say that Harvard’s grad students are still scrounging. It was bad enough when I got there fifteen years ago; I was under the distinct impression that the Grad School had put together something like a coherent aid package and the History Department a structured program that would get students through in something less than the 9 year national average. It took me twelve, but some of that was full-time teaching (the rest was writer’s block).

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