First Snow of the Season!

A little early, and rather wet and sticky, and for sure it won’t stay, but exciting nonetheless!


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  1. Whereas here they’re talking about the hottest October on record in the UK, apparently. It’s been literally like summer weather some days this week: temperatures of over 20C (about 70F) recorded in some places. Completely bizarre.

  2. I always remember the one snow we got while I was studying in the UK. Asides all the people falling over on their bikes, I enjoyed seeing everyone attempt to build snowmen with about an inch of snow. I take it snow on the ground wasn’t that common. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll have to expect plenty of it in Ann Arbor. And without a mountain to ski down in sight too!

  3. Depends where you are in the UK… But it’s fair to say that in most of the lowland south and around the coasts it doesn’t fall very often – once or twice a year at most – and it doesn’t stay around very long. So the kids have to try to make the most of it. Plus, very small amounts of snow can wreak havoc out of all proportion.

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