Please, Join my Club!

A frequent reader I recently met in person gently chided me for my long blog silence. I have no excuses *except* that I’m a member of a pretty exclusive club, which I call MACPITAFAD, or, Moving Across the Country is a Pain In The Ass while Finishing A Dissertation. I’m accepting new members; anyone else want to join?

You can see why posting has been light and fluffy.

I did just return from a quick trip to Houston, where I rented the most adorable little bungalow in the Houston Heights. Having that part of the move taken care of has made it easier to concentrate exclusively on the Amazing Mr. Book. AMB will shortly be done, for better or worse!

Until AMB is done, and until my move is complete, I anticipate that posting will continue to be light and fluffy, if not non-existent. If you have emailed me recently with questions about Virginia history or geneaology, please bear with me. I will return your email as soon as time permits.