Hello! My Name is Pepper!

In honor of Friday Cat Blogging, I have allowed the new member of my household to introduce himself:

Hi, folks, my name is Pepper. I’m about a year old, and until two weeks ago, I lived here. Before that, I lived with some other people. But when I needed bladder surgery they gave me to the veterinarian because they couldn’t afford it. (I’m better now!)

I didn’t really like living at the clinic; it was really noisy and there were many strange smells. One day a very nice lady came, put me in a crate, and took me home.

I was really scared at first. I hid in my litter box and wouldn’t come out! But gradually I got to know my new mom’s house. She got me lots of toys and a scratching post. She’s even promised to get me a new cat house and a water fountain when she goes to Petsmart this weekend!

I really like the little bed Mom made me in her closet. But I especially like to snuggle with her when she watches Buffy DVDs or when she’s reading (she reads a lot!). She told me just this morning, after I woke her up at 6am to remind her to feed me, that she doesn’t know how she got along without me!


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