The Amazing Mr. Book, Complete, and with Statistics!

Every time I hit a big milestone with the diss I announce it here, which has meant that my completion timeline has been artifically stretched out. Hurrah, I finished a draft! Hurrah, I finished a second draft! Hurrah, my advisor signed the form! And now, hurrah, I have deposited said dissertation at the Registrar’s Office, and there is absolutely nothing left to do. It really is DONE. I am really, really, truly, Dr. Goetz.

So here are the stats:

291 pages
86,118 words
465, 244 characters not including spaces
553, 044 characters including spaces
1279 paragraphs
7,896 lines


I submitted all this material last Friday; on the same day I received my copy of “Thinking Like your Editor” by Susan Rabiner from So, onward and upward with The Book! After a six-month break, that is.


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