Friday Cat and Furniture Blogging

This morning I went to Crate and Barrel to pick up my new desk (a housewarming present from my parents). It was funny watching the C & B guys trying to get it into Hildegard. I love my hybrid car but she was really not built for cargo-in-a-big-box.

Nevertheless, we stuffed the desk in and I got it home, back out of the car, into my house, out of the box, and put together in under an hour. Now I have a solid work area at home!

Of course, it is unclear if I’ll actually be allowed to use it, because Pepper has decided that the new desk is clearly a new piece of cat lounging furniture. He also decided my new bureau would be a good place to hang out too, and I can’t keep the surface clear of cat fur. I suspect I’ll have the same experience with my desk. Sigh.


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  1. I actually really like IKEA but I couldn’t find a desk there that was just the right size–they were all either too small or too big.This desk was apparently made from plantation-grown renewable woods (I forget the name) but I don’t know if the wood is organic…I suspect not!My bureau is from IKEA.

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