Monday Kitten Blog

This is Tabitha (although I think her new family is going to give her a different name!). I trapped her in my backyard after feeding her for about two and a half weeks. The vet said she was probably 8-10 weeks old, which means she was probably on her own from the age of 4 or 5 weeks. I found no evidence of a mamma cat or any siblings, so I imagine she was tossed out of a moving vehicle (apparently a popular method in Houston for dumping unwanted kittens and puppies).

At any rate, it only took her about 24 hours to figure out I was the person with the food. She warmed up to me almost immediately, and developed a love of snuggling. As soon as her ear mites were under control, I let her play with Pepper. Pepper was very patient (although I don’t think he wants another cat in the house).

On Saturday evening, Tabitha left for her forever home with my friend Rebecca. I’m sure she’s going to have a marvelous life!


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  1. Oops! I can’t type. Of course, I MEANT Tabitha! She is adorable, especially that black spot on her nose. Maybe the next Rebecca will name her Tabitha also and keep all of us posted about her life. Mammamoo

  2. Quick clarification–I didn’t keep Tabitha, but rather gave her to my friend also named Rebecca. This other Rebecca has two kitties, one named Miss Kitty and the other named Buster. Her 21-year-old cat Jarvis died about two weeks ago, so Tabitha is intended as a sort of replacement.I don’t think Pepper would have liked another cat around. He hasn’t enjoyed the steady parade of feral cats living in the bathtub, and though he tolerated Tabitha, I didn’t think it would last. I just trapped Tabitha, got her her first medical care, and deferalized her in my bathroom. The rest will be up to the other Rebecca!My friend Rebecca reports that Tabitha is enjoying her new home. She has her own cushion and several toys that sleep with her on the cushion…I’ll keep my readers posted!

  3. I’m glad Jeb and Felix care about these kind of things! If I hadn’t been able to find a local home for Tabitha, I might have been appealing to blog-cats everywhere for help.Perhaps Jeb and Felix would have liked a little sister???!!! 🙂

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