In response to the comment below, nope, not leaving, not ever, not nohow.

Seriously though, I live outside all the mandatory evac zones, and we are supposed to stay put for now to give those folks who really do have to leave (especially anyone and everyone in Galveston) the road. Things are quiet here as I poach a little wifi from my fabulous neighbors; the moon in shining and the air is peculiarly calm. I’ve hurricane-proofed the house; no projectiles here!

Since I live in the Houston Heights (elevation: 40 ft!) I won’t flood. My house is set back from the street and is on a pier-and-beam foundation, so even if the streets flood (likely) my house will stay nice and dry.

Unless 115 mph winds tear off my roof and blow out my windows.

In which case, Pepper and I will retreat to the bedroom closet (the only windowless “room” in the house) and wait things out!

We’ll be fine. We’ll check in after the storm as soon as we are able.