Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act passes Senate, 61-36

Now, who are the thirty-six miserable Senators who think it is OK to pay women less than men for the same job? And how hard are we going to work to throw the bums out?


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  1. I think some of the Senators thought think this bill will open the doors to many frivolous lawsuits. They may want a more carefully crafted bill, so they voted against it even though they want the same end results as those who voted for it.

  2. I hope that your comment reflects a mementary lapse in your analytic skills, and not a permanent impairment. How is it possible, based on the ‘no’ vote you cited to determine that the Senators involved are “miserable …bums” who think it is aceptable to pay woment less than men? Are there not many other legitimate reasons for a no vote? Have you considered them? Maybe they thought the legislation was flawed (that does happen, you know!!), or maybe (GASP!!!) they stillthink that under our federal system there are some ideas — even very good ones — that are not legitmately within the scope of the federal government???? Wow, that would be BIG NEWS, huh?

  3. I don’t see any legit reason for a no vote. I’m sick to death of Republican whining about small businesses who would suffer if they had to pay women the same amount they pay men. And, I’m sick of Republicans’ convenient federalism…it’s OK to be a federalist when equal pay for equal work is at stake, but not for gat marriage. Opposition to the Ledbetter Act was pure partisan posturing, and should be exposed as such.

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