Friday Cat Blogging with Pepper the Crazy Cat

I make my triumphant return to Friday cat blogging with this portrait! Mom has a new digital camera to replace the old broken one. She told me she really needed the camera so she can take pictures of documents (she is going to someplace called England to look at these document things) but so far she has just been laying on the floor taking pictures of me. Aren’t I cute?


4 thoughts on “

  1. I suppose you’ll just insist it’s a “guy thing” but honestly, I can’t believe you didn’t name this cat Moe (you know, the guy whose companions had names like Larry, Curly, Shemp or Joe) unless the cat is female and in that event, I’d have named her Moe-she as much for the near-miss of the pun as for the reference to Moe. 🙂

  2. Actually, I adopted Pepper with his name already established. Since he recognized his name, I let it be. Otheriwse I might have named him something like Aethelred, or Abelard.

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