Titling the Amazing Mr Book

I have, of course, been living with the Amazing Mr Book for longer than I have had this blog. I began the seminar that became the dissertation that became the book in the Fall of 2001. So now that I am in the last stages, I want to be sure to get the title right. So, dear readers, do give me your opinion.


7 thoughts on “Titling the Amazing Mr Book

  1. For the record, if I could vote twice (and I’m sure I could if I used another device), the second vote would be for “Race and Religion in Early Virginia: From Potential Christians to Hereditary Heathens”

  2. I think that the first reads better than the second, but I’ve heard you should put put the keywords first (as catalogues might cut the title off at the colon). I am an outsider, but I wouldn’t know what the book was about from the third title. I think, for me, the fourth might edge out the first.

  3. Don’t open with “From”. If you want to sell the book to people who aren’t academics, go with “The Baptism of Virginia”, possibly with the subtitle. I like “Potential Christians to Heriditary Heathens” as a subtitle or even potential title (it’s better as a subtitle).

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