Friday Cat Blogging with Pepper the Crazy Cat

I make my triumphant return to Friday cat blogging with this portrait! Mom has a new digital camera to replace the old broken one. She told me she really needed the camera so she can take pictures of documents (she is going to someplace called England to look at these document things) but so far she has just been laying on the floor taking pictures of me. Aren’t I cute?


Happy Holidays!

The Historianess and HRH Prince Pepper the Crazy Cat wish all readers a happy and joyous holiday season!

Regular posting will resume in the New Year!

Friday Cat Blogging with Pepper the Crazy Cat

Meow! Mom’s gone to some Southern Historical Association or something like that, and she’s left me to my own devices! I think I’ll go unroll the toilet paper or something like that. That’s what Mom gets for abandoning me!

Friday Cat Blogging with Pepper the Crazy Cat

Ah, rest and relaxation. After a difficult night of destroying Mom’s stuff, I settle in for a long daytime nap in my specially constructed cat chair. Mom is really upset about her fountain pen, whatever that is. I didn’t mean to break it. But she should have played with me, rather than leaving me to find my own fun.

R.I.P. O Fountain Pen!

I received a beautiful Waterman fountain pen for my sixteenth birthday. Since then the pen has been my constant companion: I guarded it all through high school; I brought it to college with me, where I flowed debate rounds and wrote a first draft of my senior thesis in elegant style; I brought it to graduate school, where it assisted me in making notes on the many, many books I read, and I have in file folders a complete fountain pen draft of each of my dissertation chapters.

I had my pen out last night as I was writing a lecture. I have up the ghost around 10 and went to bed, leaving the pen out on my desk.

Now His Royal Highness Prince Pepper has been disgusted with me for the last few days. I’ve been so busy with the start of the school year and all the work that entails that I have not, I regret, had much time to spend dragging around a bunch of feathers on a stick for HRH. This is an activity upon which we usually spend a half an hour every evening before I go to bed. Pepper was clearly angry at my lack of attention last night, for during the night he cleared my desk: he knocked off the papers, pens, coasters, books, articles, flashlight, and telephone. The only items remaining on my desk were my laptop and the desk lamp. Alas, on the floor this morning I found the battered corpse of my fountain pen. I’m not sure if the impact with the floor caused it to crack, or if Pepper took out additional frustrations on it after he had pawed it off the desk, but there you have it. I discovered it in a small puddle of (appropriately) red ink, looking like the mortal remains of a soldier abandoned on a battlefield.

I’m not sure how I’ll write the Amazing Mr. Book without my fountain pen. I’m very distressed. And Pepper is…well, he’s in the dog house for sure.

Friday Cat Blogging with Pepper the Crazy Cat

If you find this picture confusing, and you can’t tell where I’m hanging out, maybe this will help:

What can I say, I love high places! Mom is resigned to me hanging out up here. I know this because she put a cushion up there. How nice!

Monday Kitten Blog

This is Tabitha (although I think her new family is going to give her a different name!). I trapped her in my backyard after feeding her for about two and a half weeks. The vet said she was probably 8-10 weeks old, which means she was probably on her own from the age of 4 or 5 weeks. I found no evidence of a mamma cat or any siblings, so I imagine she was tossed out of a moving vehicle (apparently a popular method in Houston for dumping unwanted kittens and puppies).

At any rate, it only took her about 24 hours to figure out I was the person with the food. She warmed up to me almost immediately, and developed a love of snuggling. As soon as her ear mites were under control, I let her play with Pepper. Pepper was very patient (although I don’t think he wants another cat in the house).

On Saturday evening, Tabitha left for her forever home with my friend Rebecca. I’m sure she’s going to have a marvelous life!