Tuesday Fashion Blogging

I’m $685 poorer but infinitely more dignified (I think the sneakers are a nice touch, myself).

Of course, if my face were slightly more bulbous, I would be the spitting image of Martin Luther (it’s the beanie that suggests the resemblance!).


4 thoughts on “

  1. I might have a serious case of regalia envy were it not for the fact that Edinburgh gear (full Highland dress plus robes) allows you to both show off your legs and go into graduation ceremonies armed 8-).

  2. Martin Luther might have nailed those damned theses all over the German States, let alone Europe, and maybe even Rome, if he had those sneakers. I bet his face would have been less bulbous, too!!What exercising that would have been!You know who

  3. Why pay almost a grand for a look that can be worn only once a year? No thanks! I’ll keep borrowing the tacky, polyester creation my college supplies gratis every spring in a lovely paper bag. Still, once, I must admit, when I first graduated, I was tempted to splurge on the medieval costume– mortorboard, tassel, and all. Temporary insanity, me thinks. Fortunately, it passed. Regardless, you look grand!:)

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